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Makkie. Media Quality Commitment

Last updated: 13th of September 2021

At Makkie. we care about our clients. They are the very core of everything we do and therefore deserve only the best of the best.

Our goal: adding value to your business.

When you first contact us, you will (hopefully!) notice our great desire for customer satisfaction. It starts with not just asking the customer what they need, but also asking ourselves questions such as what kind of company the customer runs, how we can help the customer with something aside from what they've asked from us and what can can do to truly stand out from other businesses. From the moment we start working together we like to see our clients as partners. With everything we do we ask: how can we add value to our customer's business?

How we achieve that goal:

In order to achieve such a goal we:

- identify the expectations of our clients in relation to our services and then strive to exceed them;

- only work with third parties that we know and meet our requirements;

- improve our own skills each day;

- systematically improve the quality of provided services;

- develop ourselves through investment in new, innovative technologies;

- periodically review our Quality Commitment and the underlying checks and balances.

Our commitments:

1. Always put quality above quantity.

When taking in new clients we ask ourselves: do we have enough time on our hands to help this client to the best of our ability? If not, we have no choice but to decline them. This is to ensure that our existing clients get the attention they deserve.

2. Only work with clients we can truly help.

It could occur that we encounter a client that we can no longer or barely help. We are always honest to ourselves and our potential clients. If we expect that we can not meet our quality standard, we have no choice but to decline them.

3. Never deliver below our quality standards.

We would only ever deliver a product or service that we would use ourselves. We believe that every pixel must be perfect, every performance improvement must be made and every penny must be spent wisely.

Every day, we work on a better Makkie.

Help us improve ourselves by giving feedback.

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