A brand new Makkie.

A brand new Makkie.

Last night, we silently rolled out the renewed Makkie. website you're looking at right now. Today, we are officially announcing our coming of age, as we like to call it. It is a big step forward for our company and will prove us to be even more capable. This article is about some of the choices we made with regard to our international rebranding.

Underlying desires

To understand why we chose to rebrand it is important to understand the underlying desires we had before proceeding. This can be reduced to three reasons, namely: the ability to reach international clients, the extending of our professional appearance and the improval of our services.

We will briefly highlight each desire:

1. Reaching international clients: the most important reason for our rebrand was to market ourselves as an actual international business. Since all of our previous communication and advertising was in Dutch, it was not apparent that we were a company willing to take on international clients, even though we had (and still have) some already. With our switch of language we hope to break the barrier for clients from all over the world.

2. Extending our professional appearance: we often review our workflow, strategies, and results and we came to the conclusion that we were not happy with the way our company came across to potential clients. We found that we were not focusing on conversing visitors to clients enough and we could trace this back to the fact that we were not showing ourselves in a manner that is professional enough.

3. Improving our services: building further on the concept of reviewing ourselves, something we described under our desire to extend our professional appearance, we decided it was time to switch up our services. It was clear to us that if we wanted to do this, now was the right time. We rearranged our services into three categories: Getting Started (Setup), Marketing & Tweaks. While most services remain, some have been merged into others or have even been deleted. We have also added a few new services, mostly under tweaks.

The things we like best

While we will leave the rest for you to explore yourselves on our brand new website, we would like to touch upon some points we like the most:

Our new logo:

First, take a quick glance at a comparison of our old and new logo:

Old Makkie. Media Logo
New Makkie. Media Logo

When we approached our logo designer we said we wanted something that resembles both playfulness and corporate. We also told them: keep the paper plane, because while originally quickly drawn up to resemble Makkie it now truly resembles us. We also asked: can you make it responsive?

They did exactly what we asked for:

Makkie. Media Logo Small
Makkie. Media Logo Medium
Makkie. Media Logo Large

We are very happy with the new logo and are thrilled to start using it as the official logo for our company.

A new e-mail campaign:

We completely overhauled our e-mail campaigns. We decided that it was time to switch to our own e-mail system to allow for more flexibility, creative freedom & overall improvement. The result is an e-mail campaign that truly engages our subscribers. Want to try it out? Try subscribing at the bottom of the page.

Dynamic content:

We also decided that we wanted more dynamic content for different types of visitors & use cases, but also just more dynamic content in general.

By switching up our previous way of blogging with a new, fresh and most importantly decluttered way of delivering articles to our subscribers and visitors we act in accordance with our underlying desire to extend our professional appearance.

Something else we did was improving the way you see the website. We improved the mobile-readiness and design, but also what you see. For example, we have different types of links for our contact form. We don't want to get into technical details too much, but as an example: some links to the /contact page are followed by what we call a parameter, in our case ?subject=. Try seeing the difference in our footer links More Details & Give Feedback. Good to know: we are constantly expanding the amount of dynamic website parts, so check back every now and then to see what's changed.

Your turn

We could go on for hours, but now, it's your turn. Go explore our brand new website, find the easter eggs. Take a look at the services we offer. 😉

And stay tuned, because way more is coming!

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A brand new Makkie.

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